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The artist

I am convinced you don't 'see' a painting 

so much as 'feel' it.

If you love a painting it is because the artist loved the subject and that feeling comes through to you.

Artists have always been passionate because without passion a painting can only be 2 dimensional. 

The third dimension is the passion, the joy in the moment, love.

It's what brings the painting to life.

It's what makes it a work of art.

I identify with the impressionists and do my best to put the actual experience of a place onto my canvas.

Three places that inspire that ability in me are

Tuscany, Tibet and 3 T's .

Early Years

I was born in southern California where my Grandfather owned acres and acres of farmland and raised corn, tomatoes , green beans, celery and Gladiolas.

When I was 10 years old my parents decided to move us to New Hampshire and to open a country Inn. The 200 year old building needed renovation and was in the country off of a dirt road surrounded by thick forest. We furnished it with antiques which you could buy cheap in those days. We attended every auction. We learned to make our own maple syrup. I learned to bake and cook and, because I was the only girl, I was delegated the job of making sure our guests had fresh homemade breads, pastries and desserts everyday. I was also the head waitress for breakfast and dinner. There was a lot of work involved. As I was required to be so much at home, with virtually no social life. I grew up for the most part, in the world that had little to do with our modern day. It was this world so far apart from the bustle of news, fad and fashion, that forced me to be alone with myself and the ability that developed, has been a major way I've found to express that self.

Art Experience

While still in my teens I studied with illustrator Grant Powers, and attended life drawing classes with my mother. While still living in NH. I studied with Marge Kendrick , David Baker, and Ernie Brown, I attended The Art Institute of Boston, and studied graphic design and illustration after which I did freelance work and wrote and illustrated 'The Stafford's in the fields' cookbook. after moving to Taos I began studying oil painting with well known southwest painters such as Don Ward, Julia McKee and Ray Vinella, among others. I have won or placed in the top 3 in several plein air contests held in the southwest. 

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